November 30th, Tuesday, 2021 to January 8th, Saturday, 2022

A pioneer in the presentation of early 20th century photographs in the Brazilian market, Utópica, formerly known as FASS, has established itself as one of the country's main venues dedicated exclusively to photography. The gallery researches modern photography, the link between photography and literature, photojournalism and several other subjects sparked by the curiosity and contributions of our collaborators and partners, to which we owe a large part of our prestige. Utópica represents the works of 17 photographers, including German Lorca, Annemarie Heinrich, Carlos Moreira, Beth Moon, among others. In addition to these names, its collection includes works by more than 30 renowned artists, such as Brazilians Luiz Carlos Barreto and Voltaire Fraga.

Fernando Lemos  - Stubborn Light