Exhibition LUGARES

Photography Luiz Fernando Dantas and curated by Rosely Nakagawa


May 31st to July 16th

This exhibition brings together two essays that present the photographer's process and way of seeing nature. In a clear and structural way, it abstracts the landscape and creates new ways of seeing. With his trees regularly and continuously photographed, Luiz Fernando works in the delimitation of a Significant Place, Ybirá Taba, Locus Dicere, in the construction of the space itself.

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Conversation between photographer

Luiz Fernando Dantas and curator Rosely Nakagawa


07.07 from 19h to 20:30h

The photographer Luiz Fernando Dantas and the curator Rosely Nakagawa will talk about how botany and geometry meet to give life to the work of the photographer from Piauí, who, in seeking a new look at life, found in photography a way to transform the passion for trees and by nature in art. With an extensive collection of images captured over almost ten years, Luiz Fernando decided to join different fragments to create unique trees that reflect his way of seeing the world around him.

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