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The sleeping legend tells that Mirabilândia is the sum of the first syllables of the names of the daughters of the owner of a park that exists between Recife and Olinda. There is nothing more pure Brazilian blood: syllables to create another name, another illusion. In cities and in the country where its inhabitants are always on the edge of the abyss, an amusement park can be an amulet so that the suffocation of everyday life is relieved one, two, three hours in a row. The rest of the time, time is real life. The red candy from the love apple doesn't last forever. Images taken at an amusement park can reflect on the skin of the love apple: from the top of the Ferris wheel you can see the sea. The sea is the wet skin of the city. Between the shock and the scream, the lights come on: tomorrow could come before the skull of the ghost train falls onto a passenger's lap. We are others when we are at an amusement park. The super tornado is a roller coaster that makes the scream and emotion lick every face. Monsters and superheroes are able to smile. In the Mexican hat, the image rotates: you see each illusion from the inside and the glass eye of the one who sees it from the outside.


Diogenes Moura

Writer | Photography Curator |Editor

chapéu rosa.jpg

Chapéu rosa

Mirabilândia serie, Dani Tranchesi, 2022


Mirabilândia serie, Dani Tranchesi, 2022

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