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In God's Hands

Photographs Dani Tranchesi 

Texts and Curation Diógenes Moura

Museu Afro Brasil - Parque do Ibirapuera - São Paulo – Brazil


Neither ancestry nor foundation are erased by the rules of the politically correct universe. Not in the first, nor in the third, nor in the last of the worlds. No matter what humans think, we will continue heading towards the abyss of what we once were, what we are, what we will be. The images from the series In God´s Hands, by photographer Dani Tranchesi, say something about this subject. They were held at the São Joaquim Fair, also known as Água de Meninos, in Salvador, Bahia, in a warehouse where animals are for sale to, above all, be sacrificed in offerings to the orixás. It is a scary, noisy, feverish place, run by a man who sells what the customers ask for, many of them fathers and mothers of saints. It is a mystery, with name and surname, that a place like that, in the 21st century, remains open to the public. But it is precisely this mystery that makes the scream and pain of the contemporary world increasingly incomprehensible. Human nature and animal nature at the service of the nature of the invisible: nothing more fragile and violent, at the same time. Just as each of us are. ​


Diogenes Moura

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Dani Tranchesi

In God's Hands project is a portrait of Brazil seen from the inside. It brings together images by photographer Dani Tranchesi and chronicles by writer and photography curator Diógenes Moura. Photography and literature together, showing a country where the states and their people, together, create an almost unreachable history, full of emotion and abyss, violence and passion, religiosity and abandonment.

It is exactly within this script that In God´s Hands project unfolds. To talk about someone else who is ourselves. To talk about art and religiosity, this endless grandeur that overcomes all barriers of precariousness so that all celebrations can be held: from Boi de Mina to Maracatu de Baque Solto; from the feast of Santa Bárbara/Iansã to the Festa do Divino; from the miscegenation of the people who circulate between states and municipalities, with their particular, true and ancestral language to the appeal of faith where crowds are moved by a celebration where gods, orixás and other entities of the invisible meet.

In God´s Hands ranges from small municipalities, their identities and memories, to large centers, tireless metropolises, the solitude of man, the celebration of the earth's nature, the portrait of the children of this soil where each state is a country. From this thought, image and literature reveal precious details of a possible and impossible Brazil, at the same time, grand and precarious, that seeks, one day after another, a way of being alive to tell a unique story, full of imagination and challenges, an almost miracle for the answers to fundamental questions: what we are, where we came from, where we are going.

Dani Tranchesi
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