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 November 08th, 2022  to February 04th, 2023


(From there on)

Latigbaná: an adverb for a place in the universe. So ahead, a world inside the head. When human?

We are not talking about the "others".

We are in front of ourselves. Who cares? Who looks from the immensity of the spirit to the silence of the soul. Not sold in shopping centers. Leaves are used.

If passes through the body. Inside the head: Orí. No carries disguise: Ibomolé. It's inside and outside: Sibasibo. Definitely right now: Lekan. definitely infinite: Apafón. It is ornament and song. It's bare earth: Ileyile. Sleep within us. This one.

Open the head.

Here and there. It's waking time: Lojofó.

Márcio Vasconcelos
Menina na lavagem do Bonfim - Lita Cerqueira
Baiana I - Bruno Bam
Sonhação - Daniel Pinheiro
Santa Bárbara - Dani Tranchesi
Guy Veloso
Adenor Gondim
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