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November 30th, Tuesday, 2021 to February 19th, Saturday, 2022

Fernando Lemos Stubborn Light 


There is no time.  There are hours.

There is no clock. There are habits that inhabit me.

The poem hurts. The pointer cuts.

The hour that burns. Death simulates.

Breathe so as not to distract me.

Fernando Lemos (Lisbon, 1926 – São Paulo 2019), in The only real living tradition - an anthology of Portuguese surrealist poetry.


Luz Teimosa is the title of a photo-image by the immense artist, poet and photographer Fernando Lemos. It is also a scene that translates as the page of a half-opened book through which it enters, leaks, moves and becomes a floating instant to make the viewer search for all the words that will be able to decipher it. Are they? Again, it is also the starting point for the final result of a developed image: light. Even though the blackness of the night is also absolutely necessary in real photographs, or images, or whatever the “other” gaze can understand between what he sees and what is to come. Nothing more than this. The exhibition Luz Teimosa, built from the Utópica Gallery collection, deals with this limit: what is seen: what is to come. Here, men and women, and experiments, and landscapes, and still lifes, and living natures, and bodies that dance, and nights that fall, and an unusual man's desire for the gaze of other men exchange affections and then become revealed in gelatin and silver salts, in pigment on cotton paper or in a visual sign from the glass eye. Framed gesture. Strapless dress. Hand and knife. Carmen Miranda. Mining. Buto Theater. Solarized young man. Self-portrait of the next day. Would you take that unknown face in the portrait into your house? Photography is no longer enough.

The image, yes.


Diogenes Moura Writer | Photography Curator | Editor



A pioneer in the presentation of early 20th century photographs in the Brazilian market, Utópica, formerly known as FASS, has established itself as one of the country's main venues dedicated exclusively to photography. The gallery researches modern photography, the link between photography and literature, photojournalism and several other subjects sparked by the curiosity and contributions of our collaborators and partners, to which we owe a large part of our prestige. Utópica represents the works of 17 photographers, including German Lorca, Annemarie Heinrich, Carlos Moreira, Beth Moon, among others. In addition to these names, its collection includes works by more than 30 renowned artists, such as Brazilians Luiz Carlos Barreto and Voltaire Fraga.

January 15th, Saturday, at 11 am ​


Conversation with André Cunha about the work Santuário, a series of 16 photos. The photographer has been following and documenting for a few years a family made up of a couple and their four young children who chose to live immersed in nature, far from the cities in a kind of peasant utopia. ​ ​


In-person: 15 people.


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