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Exhibition 3 é 5 
August 17th to September 18th, 2021

Dani Tranchesi | Photographs

Diógenes Moura | Curator

Pedro Castelo Branco | Film

Exhibition, launch of the book and film of the same name by Pedro Castelo Branco.

A book, an exhibition, a film. An image-sequence shot made in an encounter between gestures, screams, light and shadow, many words: the public fairs of São Paulo. Urban photographs of a profession that, in the midst of a pandemic, resisted the online world. For merchants, the streets are like canvases.

There, where all the merchandise is sacred, live, smells, burns, dries, sweats inside and outside the photograph of each one of those men and women who wake up at three o'clock in the morning, turn on the light, kiss their children and depart for the grand opera.

Dani Tranchesi's site:

Open for visits scheduled by WhatsApp

Estúdio 41 adheres to all security standards and protocols against Covid 19.

It is mandatory to wear a mask. ​

Free entry.

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